intransitive verb

1 : to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner
2 : to scold vehemently

Merriam Webster Dictionary


                           Why should you buy original art?

1. A painting will make you feel good for a long time. A painting  acquired in the 70's still holds appeal to me. The frame was a bit frayed so I had it re-framed in a more modern way and it has new life. It is a delight to look at, reminding of the place, the circumstances and time of purchase.

2. It will match the couch. Take along your pillows to the gallery when making a purchase.  Gallery owners
do not snicker at customers who do this. They are just glad they can sell you  art. When your sofa gets old and is exchanged for a new one, I can guarantee you will not throw the painting out but find it a new spot. You can also buy art for a theme bedroom, kitchen style, match the dog or just because you like it.

3. Buy art for the prestige. If you acquire a painting from a local artist, find out about the artist. Gallery owners know the artists well and their work. When you invite friends for the evening you can pontificate on the "new artist " you acquired.  Warning, this does not work as well for a reproduction print of a painting. You will just look cheap.

4. Buying art from local artist keeps the money in the community.  Galleries, art shows and exhibitions sell local artists work at a reasonable price. The subject is often local as well . This is a great way to bring a souvenir back from a vacation.

5.  Art makes a great gift. A wedding present of a painting is a great gift. Ask the gallery or artist if it can be exchanged. This way the couple can return it and pick out something to their taste.
The" hard to buy for" person will also appreciate art , especially about a favourite subject.

6. Buying art can improve your marriage. Well this is a long shot, but my husband and I have made many purchases over the years and the discussion was always good training on compromise.

7. Can't afford a original piece? Nonsense, when we  were first married we traded with artists for their work. I bought an "Eddy LePage" for 6 haircuts. Eddy was happy and so was I. Emerging artists are usually poor and will trade for fixing their car, doing their taxes and almost anything.   Ask for a better price, or buy on layaway. Support your local artist.

8. Support a local cause. Lots of fund raising groups ask loca
l artists to donate a painting. This is great way to purchase art., the art is local and the local group profits by your purchase.

9. Collecting is a good reason to buy art. Art purchased from one artist can become a nice collection. Or collect to a theme such as train paintings. A style of art can be a collection, such as The Group of Seven art that the McMichael's collected.

10. Investment should be the last thing reason to buy art. It is a hit and miss probability whether art will appreciate in value. Time is the factor here so buy what you like and the satisfaction will come from owning


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